Entry Level Automotive Technician

Vance, AlabamaFull-time
About the Job
Entry Level Technician

Job Description:
Essential Tasks/Functions:
  • Process vehicles through the End-of-Line area (EOL) as required by operational condition and after Team Member is trained and released to independently work.
  • Work production station in accordance with EOL rotation plan and perform duties as outlined in MBUSI Standard Methods and Procedures (SMPs).
  • Work stations include but are not limited to, wheel alignment, engine test, calibration, Head-up-Display calibration, V167 running board installation, shower load, and WSA positions.
  • Tasks include physical work including overhead assembly operations.
  • TM may be asked to support other related functions as requested by the MBUSI Group Leader.

Marginal Tasks/Functions:
  • Maintain 5S standards and keep the area and general equipment in clean and neat condition. Report broken or damaged equipment and tools to the responsible supervisor.
  • Report damage or mutilation to vehicles immediately after discovery.
  • At the request of the Group Leader, keep production records such as tally sheets, production numbers, shift numbers, and details as needed to support problem-solving.

Education/Experience Requirements:
  • High School Diploma/GED Required.
  • Valid Drivers License Required.
  • 2 years of automotive experience are required.
  • 2 years of inspection experience are required.
  • Automotive Technical aptitude preferred.
  • Shift will be going to straight nights in January 2022.
  • OT and weekends are mandatory when scheduled.
  • Pay is $17/hr + 5% Night Shift Incentive

Physical Requirements:
  • Must be willing to stand on your feet for all hours of the shift.
  • Must be willing to walk frequently during shift.
  • Must constantly bend, stoop, kneel, and crawl in, around, or under vehicles.
  • Must frequently communicate defects to MBUSI and/or MB Tech personnel.
  • Must be able to effectively detect, find, and see defects in, around, or under vehicles.
  • Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds alone, may be asked to lift 50 pounds (with team lift) occasionally.
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